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How we can Help You

We can provide services both for your home and family and your business.

We are passionate about creating harmonious homes and we do this by supporting individuals at an personal level or we can cleanse your home, or workplace.

If you are looking to sell your home we can support you in providing a cleanse of your home, so that your home will feel amazing to the potential new buyers.

We believe our system works and if you haven’t received an offer within 30 days you get your money back.

What we offer

  • Home or Workplace Energy Clearing
  • Energy Clearing to Sell your Home
  • Reiki Energy Session
  • Access Bars to reset beliefs
  • Workshops and Certificate level training in Metaphysics
  • Aromatouch Technique
  • DoTERRA Essential Oils


Sharing the DoTERRA Love

Doing Business with DoTERRA

The doTERRA Business model is simple, you succeed the more you help others succeed. Retail commission, you get your own doTERRA retail website to send people. If they purchase retail items through your store – you will earn 25% commission on that sale and it comes to you 1 month later.  *note – not a popular option. most people purchase at wholesale.

Faq Blog Post About Compensation

doTERRA’s Compensation Plan

How To Earn With DoTERRA

doTERRA will pay you 20% of the point value on products & starter kits purchased by those who enroll as a wellness advocate through you. 

You get this check the week after they make their first purchase and for anything they buy in the first 60 days they are enrolled.  

Oh – and the person that enrolled you? They get 10% of what this new person purchases, and the person that enrolled them, gets 5%.

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Power Of 3 Bonus

This is a monthly bonus based on the structure of your team.  If you and 3 people on your front line are each purchasing 150 pv in products monthly, you’ll get a $50 bonus.

If you help each of those 3 get 3 people on THEIR front line purchasing 150 pv in products monthly, you’ll get a $250 bonus and if you help each of those 3 get 3 people on their front line purchasing 150 pv in products monthly, you’ll get a $1500 bonus!

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Unilevel Commission

This is a monthly commission that you are paid based on the overall sales of your doTERRA team that month.  The more they buy, and the larger your team grows over time – the more you are paid.

This amount at first is small – but it really builds over time.  This is what we refer to as your Residual Income, you get this money every month as long as you maintain a minimum 100pv loyalty rewards order. 

That means that even if you step away from building a doTERRA business – purchases made by your downline team members will continue to pay you forever.

Leadership Bonus Pools

doTERRA offers monthly bonuses to those who build larger teams over time and reach the rank of Silver and above.

One of the bonuses – the Leadership Performance Pool – is 2% of the topline, worldwide sales divided into payments for those who have reached the Silver Rank and above. 

It is a great additional bonus and continues to grow in value as the company grows.

Here To help

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This opportunity is only open to people that have not already enrolled with another doTERRA Wellness Advocate.

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