Troubles Sleeping and Entities

Yesterday I needed to do some entity clearing in one of the rooms in our home as I picked up some energy that had been keeping one of my children awake. I had thought it was too much screen time or maybe her phone was switched on. But no!

So when I finally caught something out of the corner of my eye and it was being really obnoxious, like ha ha, you can’t get me, I said watch me! The entity was not too pleased I picked up on it’s disruptive ways and doors started slamming, slowing my access. I discussed this with my teen and asked permission to clear their room. As I have learnt that when I do entity clearing I need to ensure that I get permission from the person who it is affecting, because my belief is a lot of the time that the person has aligned to this vibration at some point and possibly through thoughts given it strength, so it can live vicariously through the living.

Like a builder that has many unfinished projects at home, an energy worker often forgets to do their own home. It only occured to me after the deepest slumber I have had in nearly ten months that this energy was not just affecting my child, in fact I had been blaming my 2 hourly wake ups on midlife hormones and a shift working husband. But it appears this energy has been affecting our sleep, including our fur baby who also had the best sleep last night. Dogs as are all animals are sensitive to energy and our family fur baby never would enter my child’s room, much to my teen’s disappointment, it should have occured to me, that our dog wasn’t just avoiding a hormonal angry teen but the energy that was residing in that space.

For me energy and entity clearing involves several layers and I find I am always guided to which way I approach it, as no two are the same. The clearing process is fairly simple however, it can really upset the energy in a space, so the key is to ensure you have energy protection around you, this involves calling on your guides and Archangels and by using Tea Tree essential oil or DoTERRA’s Terra Armour which provides an energetic barrier and prepare the room with high vibrational essential oil Frankincense  & Lemongrass.

I then use the Reiki Choku Rei clearing symbol in each corner of the room and on the bed and then use the entity clearing tool found in Access Bars and diffuse Frankincense for hours after and ensure there is natural light and turn the fan on, preferably not air con as these can add to low vibration normally due to blocked filters (so ensure you filters are cleaned monthly if using regularly) Using singing bowls, tuning forks, playing happy music all help to balance the energy and making sure rubbish and glasses/cups with water or liquid are removed and emptied as they offer a perfect vessel for low vibrational energy. Removing dust is important as dust holds a negative charge.

However, some individuals are just generally more likely to attract low vibrational entities, a lot of this can be linked to their state of mind, their negative thought patterns, types of foods they eat, people or places they gravitate to. They most likely will need to have their spaces cleared regularly and just have tools in place so that low vibrational energy doesn’t build up. I will discuss this in more detail in a future blog.

So cleanse regularly, seasonally can be sufficient for most homes and businesses however, it depends on the amount of energetic traffic (people) and mood of the people and the location of dwelling or building that can impact the frequency to clear the space greatly.

Selling Your Home

The first sensation you experience when visiting a property for the first time is a feeling, that feeling is purely energetic, this is then followed by what you see, as you then quickly adjust your logical processing to imagining how your family and furniture will live in this space. It is interesting hearing peoples comments when they leave a house, often the first words are
“I feel” or “I felt” .

If you are looking to sell your home and decrease time on the market and maximise sale price, it is always best to have it energetically cleansed. We can work with your stylist or real estate agent to make suggestions on what items you need in the home. Potential buyers pick up on energy, everyone does, if this home is being sold due to a relationship breakdown, or deceased estate, or illness people can feel something is not right, even if it is never disclosed.

If you would like to book a clearing just email us at

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