images6dn2qhdeCollective Bliss believes in a holistic lifestyle approach to managing how our bodies process energy and how we can clear it.  We recommend a combination of approaches that incorporates healthy eating,  Do Terra Essential Oils for toxic free solution for health and wellbeing. Follow our blog and follow us on Facebook  or Instagram.

Collective Bliss has been fortunate to partner with Cassandra the owner of Amber Therapy offering creative solutions with amber, precious stones and lava beads for all the family, including your four legged family members.

Coming in various sizes and combinations with the ability to custom with precious stones to a degree and add lava beads for your essential oils. Amber has unique qualities that have been reported to assist with pain associated with arthritis in both humans and pets, there are reports of the Amber have calming affects on children and pets.  With the lava beads you can apply your essential oils to the beads and the fragrance will last all day.

Our beautiful girl Bella loves hers and wears it daily.  The amber will soften with time.

Olliot Designs the brain trust and creative exploration by two young Brisbane brothers who have recycled timber into beautiful essential oil trays. The images below feature 100 + year old timber from a classic Queenslander.  The brothers produce high quality pieces, each a one of a kind.  Dressing trays are used to make your signature perfume, place a teaspoon of your favourite carrier oil and then add as many or as few of your essential oils. Then apply all over like a body lotion, your own signature perfume.

The below is an Olliot Design AromaTouch Oil Tray for those of you who practice this beautiful technique what better way to have them all lined up and organised.  Once again made out of  beautiful recycled 100+ year timber.

Collective Bliss co-hosts DIY workshops with BOHA TRiBE. BOHA TRiBE has been created by a young teen who just wants a cleaner alternative to personal products, whilst creating a business that supports her local community.  To book a workshop or purchase product click on the Instagram link  to message BOHA TRiBE.

We also recommend Josies Passionart for that personal touch. Jo paints all her cards, if there is something that you need she can custom paint your own card, all at incredibly reasonable prices.  Here is a just a selection of her art work.  They are simply stunning. To order please click on Josies name above and it will direct you to her instragram page where you can message her, alternatively message us and we can put you in contact.