I called upon Rikki to book a private energy healing session as I knew she held safe , gentle ,deep space , someone that i knew would understand and mirror my own depths.

At the time I was at a cross roads, feeling out of sorts, carrying toxic energies from others after a very stressful period of time . They were unwanted energies that I couldn’t quite define and move with my own resources.

Before , during and after my energy healing experience with Rikki I felt totally supported and nurtured and felt relieved to have connected with a practitioner that spoke my language.

I left the session feeling empowered with new knowledge about my own energies and how to keep them balanced as well as clearer and lighter in that the “other”energies had been shifted. I also very much appreciated the support and advice post session with the integration my of new found way of being.

Iam so grateful that Rikki offers her gifts and that she is so passionate about , on all levels from the micro to the macro. She has been a dear companion in my healing journey ,holding upmost unconditional positive regard always and has helped me to tap into my own wisdom within as well as supporting me externally at the same time through this potent holisitic healing modality that she practises.

Blessed be

Tania Budd
Story Cloth Connection

I have done several sessions with Rikki, and it just occurred to me that every time I went I needed some clarity for a decision or a sense of direction. Each session provided me not only with exactly that, but it also felt as if a huge weight was lifted. Every time she used slightly different techniques, either using oils or cards, but it basically doesn’t matter what tools she uses, it is the outcome which is so helpful. I also went to her with my daughter. We had a very open discussion with her, light hearted and my daughter felt so special. On the surface it didn’t seem like a ‘session’ but the outcome again was profound. I am very grateful for the work she has done for me and my family, and I am lucky to know her as a trusted practitioner and friend.

Susan Stein
The Ripple Effect of Food


“ I didn’t think that I had the ability to resolve something within myself. Prior to my session with Rikki,  I felt like there were certain things that were unattainable or that I was undeserving. I have always been open to energy healing and removing blocks in my life, but didn’t have any knowledge on how to do this. I reached out to Rikki when I heard about her sessions in hope to be guided through meditation or something similar. How wrong I was!

I met with Rikki for my first session where she guided me to go within and she essentially assisted me in how to heal myself.

After the session, I felt an instant release through emotions and felt lighter within myself. During the next couple of weeks I journaled my experiences and my health. I felt like I was awakening with a new sense of purpose, with the ability to view my goals without the weight of my ego drawing me into my old fears.

I felt like I could achieve whatever I chose to put my mind to. I also understand that one session is just part of the “peeling the onion” process.

I am looking forward to continuing to work with Rikki to remove more blockages and self-imposed beliefs that no longer serve me.”

Yvette Graham

The Essential Woman


Rikki’s sessions have helped my daughter and I over the past few years.

Rikki has done two energy clearings in my home and was very respectful in this space. She gave helpful advice and support after each session. The effects of clearing negative and unwanted energy was felt immediately.

My fur baby has received a loving Reiki also. Rikki was accurate in pinpointing his problem area and advised on the best oils to naturally care for him. I personally had a Reiki session also which helped me uncover blocks that were hindering my relationships and growth. I have the utmost trust and respect in Rikki as a practitioner.

Rikki shares her unique and rare gift unconditionally. I especially liked the way Rikki could tap into my energy so gently and always with empathy and compassion. I always feel safe and loved in her presence. I am blessed to call Rikki my friend.

Rikki stands tall in her truth and it shows in the way she interacts with her clients. Her life is a true reflection of the beautiful positive person that she is.

Jo Tyson

mother earth

If you have ever thought about having an energy treatment done my comments are just do it! Rikki from Collective Bliss is amazing.

Last year I had a treatment with her to help with some blockages I had around taking the next step in my journey. Rikki’s treatment was amazing and I don’t know why I hesitated for so long. Rikki picked up on other things which were holding me back that I had no idea about.

After my session I felt empowered to take on the world. I took that next step and mine and my family’s life has changed incredibly.

We have embraced the changes to the point where I don’t hesitate making any decisions and my life is soaring to new heights. We are fulfilling our dreams.

Thanks Rikki you are one special soul. 💚

Joanne Weiss


“I  recommend reiki with Rikki for so many reasons.  Rikki invites you to a calming and warm environment that you can simply relax. She is incredibly perceptive and she will amaze you within insights in to your past and present.  Rikki is such a warm and caring person that she delivers her perceptions in a way that is intuitive to her patient and their needs.  Thanks to Rikki and her perception I sought medical advice in relation to an issue with my hand.  My doctor took Rikki’s concerns seriously and as a result I had surgery for a collapsed disk in my neck earlier this year.  My doctor was amazed by Rikki’s perception and I am eternally grateful.  Thank you Rikki.”

Yours faithfully

Fionna Reid

Director LLB, BBSc

Aitchison Reid Building & Construction Lawyers