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Spring Equinox Time for the 3 R’s

Reset, Reboot, Refresh

At 5:50 pm on Monday 23 rd September AEST we will be in complete balance & reset.

Enjoy moments outside as the natural light helps to clear any blocks & illuminates your soul purpose. Use this time to acknowledge & say thanks to the winter cycle & welcome in the joyful springtime energy.

Our abdomens can feel more sensations as our solar plexus is in action with the energetic changes.

Over the last week you may have felt especially tired almost like needing to bunker down, this is perfectly on par with the Schumann Resonance has peaked last week almost tripled what the earth vibration is normally & this is going to be a new normal so our bodies & our pets need time to calibrate and adjust as it can leave you tired, more agitated, restless & headachy.

Perfect time to implement your new healthy choices & drink plenty of water & eat fruit & veggies.

Essential Oils :

Balance on feet for grounding.

Citrus Bliss to help with solar plexus & creation of new routines, new you.

Arborvitae to support you in making the shift to better stronger happier lighter version of you.

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