Life as an Energy Worker

We are all here to heal each other!

I believe energy workers are most often drawn into energy modalities to heal either themselves or a loved one.  Each client an energy worker sees is facilitating a healing for both themselves and the energy worker. For me I started to assist my children with processing their environment, which has subsequently helped me to help other children and families.

So years have passed since I have last seriously dedicated time to apply my practice to myself. However, it wasn’t something that I just occurred for me to do, I had to be pushed, after various recent events had occurred to try to get my attention three weeks of physical purge completely not initiated by me consciously and then to top it off within 24 hours I had my beautiful fur baby have a total all body orifices evacuation on the family lounge the night before the family reunion I was hosting, then our toilet blocked and nothing was shifting, so with an arm down in the toilet removing and unblocking hours before the reunion and then my faithful dishwasher just stopped, turns out it was blocked also.

I acknowledge that these so call physical blocks were not an accident they were an expression of the blocks that had permeated our family energetically and as I had started to energetically remove these blocks within areas of the house, it kicked off somewhat of a  cause and effect.   

So fast forward to Monday and I had the day to myself to recover my thoughts and apply some time to clear these emotional blocks. I just wanted to do something “simple” just identify an emotion that was contributing to the way I was feeling, which was expressing itself physically in overwhelming anxiety, I have never felt so debilitated and nauseated by anxiety. 

It took about ten minutes and I was able to identify a key emotional block and the emotion was Worthlessness which as an emotion resides in the sacral chakra which nurtures the reproductive organs, worthlessness emotion can also affect our glands and my hormonal glands have always been an issue since puberty. I have struggled with intimacy and it also explained my countless miscarriages, not being worthy enough to progress to term and issues with my reproductive body. Prior to successfully bringing two beautiful babies to term sixteen years ago I had removed emotional baggage obviously enough to go to term but not enough to stop the cycle of worthlessness.

So as I clear this emotion I feel forty years lighten off my body, I felt lighter and clearer and later that day I experienced two examples of feeling worthy and subsequent days have continued to see worthiness manifest with regards to new business opportunities and to also clearer communication around boundaries.  To support my release and strengthen my new resolve I used three DoTERRA essential oils Cassia (self assurance) Bergamot (self love) & Smart and Sassy(inner beauty). Interestingly Cassia has always made me feel nauseated. Days following the clearing I have noticed I can smell this oil without the feeling nauseated.

The day after the removal of this emotional block I sat in meditation before dawn and saw for the first time my sacral chakra healed, it was so beautiful and throughout the day after I started feel the emotion worthlessness show up and show me how this has affected every single relationship I have ever had with everyone and particularly with myself. When we don’t feel worthy or less than worthy we don’t set boundaries, we don’t ask for what we want, we don’t believe we deserve and that everyone is more worthy than us, we almost make it our life to give more than what we can afford on all fronts emotionally, physically and financially.  Each time I was shown this, tears just streamed down my face, each time I acknowledged and gave thanks for the release and the opportunity to lighten my emotional baggage. 

I was able to identify that at age 7 this block was created, it had been with me for forty years, permeating my life, but now it no longer resides within me or within my children and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to release it once and for all for me and my children and future generations.

How does your next chapter read?

Energy clearing can be quite exhausting and can trigger emotional breakdowns so I highly recommend if you feel exceptionally vulnerable emotionally you have support mechanisms in place and know that it is normally only for a day and to let the thoughts/emotions rise up like a cloud and let it float away, it is no longer yours to hold.   Also as adults we often have more than one emotion, however, I would recommend to give yourself a reprieve and only clearing a couple each month.

After my success one of my teenage children went through the process and the emotion that was shown was Forlorn.  This was absolutely spot on from both a physical aspect and an emotional aspect they have experienced bouts of sadness, and being despondent, and as a child as soon as she could talk would always say to me “Mum don’t leave me”. There was no reason why she needed to say that, we co-slept and I worked from home. However, I did a past life regression which showed this request was coming from a previous life where my daughter (who was then my sister) was abandoned. From a soul point I then acknowledged that many years ago, however the emotion was still holding in her body and often this emotional baggage is not just from this life but we have carried through both energetically and through DNA and if you clear the blockage in this life you have cleared it for all the future generations.  This is where energy work becomes truly powerful, you are clearing, present, past and future. 

She also experienced moments of forlorn after the clearing, however, is feeling happier despite having the usual stressful triggers.

So as I got my children ready for school I sat them down and gave them a talk about honouring each other, honouring the space and acknowledging what they say to each other they are sharing with all humanity, so make sure it is pure, it is love and it is honourable.

It is never too late to start clearing the emotions that might be holding you back. How do you want to see your next chapter?

Sending Love, Light and Blessing x


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