img_3220There are several ways to purchase doTERRA Essential Oils and the choice is entirely yours.

When you choose to buy as a Wholesale or Wellness Advocate you are guaranteed to get personal support, this may be in the form of one on one or at one of our many hosted workshops. By also being a wholesale customer or wellness advocate you automatically benefit from 25% off your oils and you then you can opt in to start your journey to getting your oils for free.

For me it is really is important that when you start out that you are guided to the safe use of essential oils and to treat them with the respect they deserve as they are quite powerful. You will be offered support by way of regular communication and through our closed Facebook Group daily support.

All our new wellness advocates are provided a welcome pack to support you in your journey.

So here are your options in more detail:

  • Retail – easy way to get delivery of all of doTERRA’s products to your door
  • Wholesale – 25% off  and ability to Opt in to doTERRA’s free Loyalty Program to access points to then buy free oils ($35 Account Setup and Enrolment Pack)
  • Wellness Advocate – 25% off  and potential for free product through points and ability to access commissions ($35 Account Setup and Enrolment Pack)

Click here to Order doTERRA.

When you are re-directed, to buy retail click Shop or to buy Wholesale/Wellness Advocate click Join and Save on the top menu.

Note. It is 60 days before points can be used as a new member and percentage of points will increase the longer you maintain a 50PV monthly order. At 13 months you will be able to  30% of your points accrued back and you can use that in both the Australian and US markets.