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About me

My Story

Our journey through life may differ, but essentially we all end up in the same place.

Growing up on a hobby farm, my family lived off the land and as children we were surrounded by people who spoke to the earth and they all shared their gifts from harvesting times to divining the magnetic search for water with a divining stick. 

Witnessing Hayley’s Comet fly by set in motion the belief that I knew we were connected to much more than just the land.

Later in life I learnt how to sail and the importance of celestial navigation to get me to my next port. The wind became my constant friend who would whisper Mother Nature’s intention and command my attention.  

And then I had a child…

Having a child was not something that I had imagined for most of my 28 years and then it happened…I fell in love and the hormones that plagued me…urged me into motherhood. I was always conscious about the demands on our earth and her resources and was keen to adopt, so when I was told the only way I could have a child was via IVF and the fatalist in me stood up and decided to let Darwin’s theory of natural selection evolve and I proceeded with adoption.  

During this time I decided to clean up my act removing toxins and exercising daily (something that I had previously loved) but was just preoccupied with stuff.

I cleaned my emotional wardrobe and wrote letters to everyone who I felt had caused me resentment or grief and forgave everyone and then a miracle happened I fell pregnant to a very healthy baby at age 31. 

At an early age we knew she was extremely sensitive to food, energy of people and at age 4 she told me she saw children and people of all ages visit mostly at night but it then it started during the day.  (she was seeing souls who had passed on).

To support my daughter I learnt energy healing and then started children’s workshops to assist other sensitive children to connect and express their inner Jedi in a safe place.  However, the emotional outbursts continued and was becoming quite destructive on the family dynamics and whilst sharing a cuppa of tea my friend offered me a sample of Balance and Frankincense and within a minute I had a totally chilled for the first time in 10 years daughter.  We had tried everything she was on a wholefood diet to the point she was being teased by classmates and we used Epsom salts and she had a pretty chilled family. 

Balance gave us our family back and our beautiful daughter who we were getting to know as if for the first time.  Essential Oils have improved our lives in so many ways and witnessing the changes I have seen it have for others continues to make my heart just sing.  Mother Nature has all these gifts, we just need to listen.  The journey is worth taking and you are not alone, I am walking this with you x Love Meryke

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